The pictures attached are of a barreled action that I just prepared for stocking. This is a model “Buehler English Express” Mauser type rifle in the caliber 9.3×62. I love that cartridge. The mild recoil, solid track record, good accuracy and versatility makes this one of my favorites. The cartridges fit nicely into a standard size receiver. The action on this rifle is a Granite Mountain Arms small ring, light weight standard length square bridge Mauser type. I added a few touches of my own to the receiver. Modified square bridges for my scope mounts to start. I also shortened the bolt handle somewhat, cut a thumb cut into the receiver and re-contoured the shroud to give it a more appealing appearance. The magazine was replaced with a drop box, to give it that great African look. The quarter rib, front sight ramp and barrel band where machined from bar stock.