Here are a few anti-gun bills that have been introduced:

H.R. 130Forced firearms storage laws, making it ILLEGAL to keep a firearm in your bedside table or ANYWHERE other than where the Government allows.  

H.R. 121 – Funding for Gun Confiscators, which would hire 200 new ATF agents as a taskforce, for the sole purpose of enforcing federal gun control on the American People.

H.R. 125 – Arbitrary waiting periods, forcing Americans who’re looking to purchase a firearm to protect themselves to WAIT, making it impossible to buy firearms, ammo or magazines.

H.R. 127 – the GUN CONTROL MEGA BILL which would:

>>> Mandate Civil Liability Insurance for All Gun Owners
>>> Create a National Firearms License
>>> Require a Mental Health Exam for All Gun Owners
>>> Ban all Magazines That Hold Over 10 Rounds of Ammunition
>>> Establish a Federal Ammunition Registry
>>> Ban All .50 Caliber Ammunition
>>> Construct a National Firearms Registry

Here some more information: NRA-ILA | Florida Alert! H.R. 127 – Federal Gun Control Proposal

H.R.127 is the dream bill for the globalist left that is pushing this stuff on us. With bills like this the anti-freedom, anti-gun lobby hopes to achieve one of two goals: 1. They hope wishy washy Republican lawmakers will compromise and strike a deal, giving up a portion of rights, in order to maintain some. Or the 2. goal: To pass it with enough votes as it stands.

Call and write to your congress representatives and let them know that you don’t stand for this. Australia, Canada, New Zealand, etc, all prove that gun registration will lead to confiscation. And support the pro-gun organizations. The NRA currently has huge internal problems and we have never been more vulnerable. It is up to us to stand up!