And here we are, in 2017. Happy New Year and best wishes to all of you! I would like to take this opportunity and thank all of my customers for supporting my business and for allowing me to do what I like doing most, the building of custom firearms. It is such a privilege to working with all of you!

2016 has been a bit of a difficult year for me and my family. We certainly experienced a few ups and down and a surgery has kept me from working in the shop for the last 7 weeks. We are however doing really good and I’m delighted to be working fulltime again, praise the Lord!

For us in the gun trade, the new political landscape offers a breath of relief. I don’t expect any new regulations imposed on us for some time to come. This will allow for many of us to plan much better for the future. I hope the country will be able to heal it’s wounds and come back together again.

In 2017 I’m planning to complete a few nice commissions. I have currently in process a .470 side-lock double rifle, a falling block rifle in .17hmr and a few bolt  and falling block rifles of various calibers. A few unusual projects are awaiting attention, among them an Express rifle in .22lr. and a falling block rifle in .218 Bee. There is no shortage of variety. For my personal amusement I’m planning to build in “my time off” an electric guitar, made off walnut and maple. Something that has been floating around in my mind for years.

.500 Jeffery rifle in process.

Well, there is lot’s to be done, lets get on with it.

Happy New Year!