Time flies. It already is Thanksgiving day again. One of my favorite holidays. It always is a great day to reflect on life and on all of the blessings my family and I enjoy. Blessed we truly are with good health, a great life and each others company. I appreciate having my own business which allows me to be creative. And I do appreciate so much all of my customers. I don’t take you for granted and am truly honored to work with you. Thank you so very much!

While my wife is preparing a beautiful Turkey I try to stay out of the way and am awaiting the arrival of our dear friend, Mike the Cop. Mike is a crime fighter, passionate hunter and all around good guy. It will be great to share this day with him.

I hope many of you had or are having a successful hunting season. The picture below was sent to me recently by a customer. I know he is happy:-)

This buffalo was taken with a left handed Buehler English Express rifle in the caliber .404 Jeffery.

Happy Thanksgiving!