This project is certainly a departure from the many medium and big game rifles that I built over the years. The action is a miniature falling block, made by Martin Hagn. The caliber is .17hmr. I added a full length rib to the barrel and am in the process of stocking it. The problem with such a small rifle is to get the proportions right. It has to look good and still must be user friendly, with a stock that is usable. I’m posting a bunch of pictures of the stocking in process.

With a one of a kind of project like this I don’t bother with the making of a pattern and then pre-carvingĀ  the stock on the duplicating machine. It is less time consuming for me to make the stock from the blank and inlet and shape it by hand.

The butt stock has a solid steel butt plate and a trap door grip cap. Fitting these parts is one of the first things to do before the shaping begins.

There is still a good amount of work left, but at this stage the stock is ready for a coat of a sealer. After that has dried, the pores will be filled with oil and light sanding.