This has been a great project. A customer has had this pre-64 Winchester 70, for a while, has hunted with it successfully and built great memories with it. I’m not sure, but I believe he received it from his father. The caliber of the rifle is .300 H&H. He decided to re-stock it with a nice piece of Turkish walnut and dress it up some. I added a checkered bolt handle to it, a barrel sling swivel band and a new Sunny Hill bottom metal. Here are some pictures of the work as it progressed:

The stock was rough carved on a pantograph machine. About 80% of the internal work was done on the machine. In the picture above and bellow I’m in the process of inletting the barreled action into the stock, using hand tools.

The ebony forearm tip has been added and the inletting is completed.

The bulk on the right side has been removed and the cheek piece is taking on shape.

Rough shaping of the stock to the customers dimensions, which where previously determined with our try-gun.

The picture bellow shows the sanded stock with the first coat of finish applied to it, standing next to the original stock. What a difference, wouldn’t you agree?


A bunch of coats later, the stock is ready for checkering.

Checkering in progress.

I left a diamond shaped space un-checkered on the forearm and made and then fit an escutcheon into it. Using the original bushing and screw would have been easier, but the visual effect is certainly nicer this way.


The stock is now pretty much finished, and the barreled action is currently in the process of being rust blued. If you have a rifle, shotgun or combination gun that you would like to have re-stocked, please contact me at (541) 664 9109 or per email at . I would love to discuss your project with you.