Last week I had the opportunity to attend the SCI convention (Safari Club International) in Las Vegas. As in previous years I had the honor to work at the booth of W.J.Jeffery and to represent their company. I also could show off a couple of my rifles at their booth.

It was very nice to visit with my customers that attended the show and it was great to re-connect. The show itself seemed to have low attendance and I actually had the time to see more of it then I have in previous years. As usual, the taxidermy displays where outstanding.

It always is great to see friends at these shows. Over the years I have been able to forge new friendships and make new contacts.

Mike Schwandt & Kendall Nash

Sarah Fernandes and Charles Williams of Williams Fieldsports, LLC.

It always is great to see the fine people at the Hartmann & Weiss booth.

This picture is my favorite. I have admired the works of art and the achievements of Mr. Hartmann (right) and Mr. Weiss (left) for many years. The picture bellow is of Max Ern junior. Despite his young age he is already a master at his craft. Sometimes I wonder if people fully realize how much work, dedication and skill goes into the making of the guns of these German masters. Their guns inspire me, but also humble me at the same time.

D’Arcy Echols and Cambell Smith, ready in the morning for the show to open up.

After being at the show for 4 days and after a long drive home, I’m glad to be back again.