Over the years I have had many chances to work on some really interesting guns. Firearms built by the top English and European makers are coming regularly through the shop for this or that reason. Recently we received a vintage W.J.Jeffery double rifle in the caliber .600 Nitro Express. I took the liberty and asked my photographer, Brian Dierks, to take a couple of pictures.


This rifle weights a whopping 14 1/2 pounds and has 24 ” barrels. Jeffery developed the .600 NE cartridge, but made only about 25 rifles in this caliber.


The rifle features automatic ejectors and the classic Jeffery under lever. It was made  in Birmingham and has all the typical Birmingham features.

At one point this rifle had seen professional restoration and is all in all in fantastic shape.


Last year we had another W.J.Jeffery .6oo NE rifle in the shop. This rifle didn’t have automatic ejectors but was also of excellent quality and in original condition.



I think the rifle was made by Leonard in Birmingham, as the action is shaped in their typical style. It weights 14 pounds and also has 24″ barrels.

These rifles are really neat and rare, but I found the handling of them heavy and a bit cumbersome. Personally I would prefer a double in .470 NE. and with the top lever versus the under lever.