This might be a slightly unusual title in the world of custom guns. I always have had a passion for music and nice guitars. So it was just a matter of time for me to utilize some of the many nice scraps of wood I have had around and make a guitar out of it. Attached is the finished guitar next to a very recently finished .404 Jeffery rifle.

Besides the wood there are some similarities. A rifle has to shoot well and an instrument has to sound great. Each task is not easy accomplished. But to be honest, the guitar thing is a lot easier.

The neck was made from a sandwich of maple and walnut. The maple was re-claimed from two old rifle stocks. The back of the guitar is a sandwich of Oregon black walnut, Turkish walnut and maple. The front plate is made from California English walnut. The fret board from a hard piece of Turkish walnut. To reduce much of the weight, the body is partly hollow.


The .404 Jeffery rifle is one of my “English Express” rifles.¬† The engraver Tim George engraved the floor plate, the engraver John Todd engraved the bolt handle. A Swarovski scope can easily be taken on and off with my quick detachable scope mount. A very nice blank of Turkish walnut served as the foundation of the stock. Hopefully my customer will soon be able to take it on a trip to Africa.