Finally spring is in the air and the weather is warming up. This has been a long, rainy winter in Southern Oregon. I have been busy finishing up some rifles in recent weeks. One of the most important tasks is the final test firing of each rifle, with the scope and the open sights. Each rifle is carefully tested for accuracy and function before the delivery to the customer.

This picture is of a Ruger #1 in .303 British. It is one of a pair of rifles and is equipped with a set trigger.

The .303 performed wonderful at the range, is very mild in recoil and fun to shoot. The rimmed cartridges are just really well suited for single shot rifles.

This picture is of a Buehler – Mauser 98 in the caliber .416 Ruger. I like that cartridge. It works and feeds beautiful in a standard Mauser 98 action, and the receiver doesn’t need to be opened up for this cartridge. The recoil I find comparable with a .404 Jeffery, perhaps a little stronger, but not too bad.

The beautiful walnut came from Turkey. The receiver is a vintage Mauser Oberndorf large ring, with a Blackburn magazine box .

This rifle is a Buehler – Mauser in 7x 57. The overall styling of the rifle has been based on the looks and features of Holland & Holland rifle of more recent production. The 7×57 is another one of these timeless calibers and is one of my all time favorites.

The receiver is also of vintage Mauser Oberndorf production. And the accuracy of the rifle with factory ammo is fantastic as the 5 shot group at 100 yds. proves.