It is fun to work on a mix of large and small rifles. Surely keeps a guy on his toes in regard to the proportions of the guns. This especially true for me when doing the stock work. The challenge is to keep everything within the appropriate proportions. My latest finished guns have been a .404 Jeffery bolt action rifle, a .223 Remington miniature falling block rifle, and a .204Ruger miniature falling block.

Pictured above is the.404 Jeffery rifle, my model English Express.

.204 Ruger rifle. Martin Hagn built the barreled action. I stocked it and finished it for the client. Lisa Tomlin cut the engravings; Turnbull Restoration performed the color case hardening of the receiver. As the colors will fade a little over time, the engravings will showcase much better. This rifle is ready for the Oregon varmint season.

.223 Remington rifle with a miniature Hagn action. This little rifle has been in the hands of my client for 3 months and has killed by now more game in Texas than many guns will do in their lifetime.

The barrel has an integral machined rib and wedding band at the forearm transition. It has a half round, half octagon profile. At the time I was working on the gun, I had often a nasty looking coyote visiting our property during daytime. I figured I might get the first kill in with the little rifle, but it was not meant to be.