In an earlier blog post, about a year ago, I showed pictures of the machining of a 7×57 octagon barrel. This rifle took some time, and the engravings held the rifle up for 12 months. But here it is, all finished. I believe this is the first bolt rifle I’ve built with a full length Mannlicher style stock. This really was a fun project. After all the work I was so relieved to get good accuracy. The cheap S&B ammo with soft points shoots fantastic.

My customer and I agreed, we both are more attracted to the typically longer barreled Mannlicher style rifles of old, over the more contemporary shorter barreled rifles. At an overall length of 22″, some may think the barrel too long.

Perhaps notably amongst the other custom touches is the front sling swivel. I made that and it is attached to a lug on the barrel. The Timney trigger was altered and received a vintage Mauser trigger shoe. The scope mount is a German swing mount, appropriate for a rifle like this.