The majority of my work is performed standing at a bench and working on parts clamped in a vise. Being a self-employed one-man show does have a few perks. For one, I have the chance to listen to radio and podcast programs while working. Particularly I do enjoy podcasts. I have a pretty eclectic playlist, from political programs, science, psychology, history, faith, business to guitar making. I’ve been thinking for a while to create a podcast about the people that build and sell high end custom guns. I’m more interested in the personalities then the technical aspect of their work. After all we are a pretty unique bunch, and it is only possible to pursue this trade when driven by a large amount of passion. Certainly not the motivation of money. Perhaps we all fret over that we should have done something more profitable with our life.

I might have found very well a new venue to make a fool of myself in public. So be it. Perhaps sometimes you just have to try something and see where it goes.

I tasked my teenage son to research and come up with solutions to make our own podcast.

So here it is:

Currently we are doing a trial on Spotify. It will be added to the usual outlets shortly.

The first interview is with long time stock maker James Tucker. It is only befitting that he is the first person featured. After all, I had the pleasure to working next to him on and off for over 20 years. My plan is to add one new episode each month.

Let me know what you think and if it is a worthwhile endeavor to be continued.

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