Forgive me if I’m stepping one more time onto my soap box. I’m very concerned about the direction we are going us a country, and I have no doubt it will greatly affect us as gun owners and sportsmen. No matter if you are a Democrat or Republican, it is time for us to get involved into politics. If we have surely many disagreements between us, we can hopefully agree that as honest men we must ensure fair elections. And I hope we can agree that the Republic and the Constitution that has given us such a high standard of living is worth preserving. A bird needs two wings to fly and honest people need to get involved and start listening to each other again. When I was a kid in Europe we had the impression that America was the land of unlimited opportunities for those that work hard and have visions. In the last 24 years I’ve witnessed the change where we went from an attitude of “Yes, you can do that, go for it!” to the attitude “Sorry buddy, you can’t do this, because I don’t like it, and you don’t have the right permit.” Let’s not forget, but we hold these truths to be self evident: That all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness

The global elite is trying to implement the “Great Reset” across the world, and it seems to me we are in step with their plans. Please do your own research on it The Great Reset | World Economic Forum (

We have seen this movie before and it is called communism. It is high time to be active within our parties, to volunteer, to re-connect with our churches and to support financially the organizations that help preserve freedom and liberty for all. At my naturalization ceremony I swore an oath of allegiance to the constitution of the United States, and I believe that it is my duty to speak up. And that is what we do as free men.

Okay, let’s move on.

This rifle was built around a 1909 Argentina Mauser 98 action and is in the caliber .30-06. My client had bought it from a dealer and it came from an estate in un-finished condition. Steve Heilmann had done the metal work on the rifle and Steve had it bedded in a well executed pattern stock of his own design. I had the privilege of making the actual stock off the pattern and of finishing the rifle after stocking. I made no changes on the metal work, except a final polishing, and we had Bruce Farman do the checkering on the bolt handle.

Steve is an excellent craftsman and my customer very much liked the pattern stock. We made just a few minor changes to it. I tried my best to honor Steve’s design and to execute his vision fully.

The rifle has a Jerry Fisher round bottom metal and Steve also had made the scope bases and the custom trigger. It also is a very accurate shooting rifle. I hope that Steve approves the end result. But more important, we both have a very happy client.