For sale by gunmaker Lee Helgeland: Barreled action, caliber .416 Taylor, $6900

Original Mauser 98 commercial single square bridge action, with what we believe is an early Blackburn magazine box, that holds 5 rounds, plus one in the chamber. The barrel has been machined with integral quarter rib, front sight ramp, recoil lug, and sling swivel stud. All has been very nicely done. We are not sure, but Rick Stickley probably machined the 24″ long barrel. The overall weight of the barreled action is 6lbs 8 oz. The only marking on the barrel is the number 99 which probably indicates the year it was made. The barreled action is feeding fine and ready to be stocked. Please contact Lee Helgeland for more info at 406-837-2041, or: [email protected]t

Update: This has been sold