Most of the time I have two to four rifles in process, and in different stages. The rifle above and below is a 6.5×55. One of my all-time favorite calibers. The stock is influenced by pre-war Germanic styling and has a slight “schnabel” fore-end shape, round pistol grip and steel butt plate. The small square bridge action was made by GMA.

The following rifle is a .375 Weatherby Magnum. I just about finished the checkering of the stock. The fleur de lies pattern is a first for me. It’s not always a good thing for the pocketbook to try something new, but on the other hand, you got to keep your creative side alive. This type of checkering is really unique to the United States. And it gave me a whole new appreciation for craftsmen like James Tucker, who produce some incredible designs and ribbon patterns.

Both rifles are well along now. Time for the finishing of the metal.