The American far-left is getting serious. Push back people, or we will loose the Republic!

How much time do you spend watching Netflix or on Facebook each day? If we each spend instead 15 minutes a day on educating ourselves and on contacting our representatives, we can stop this madness. And we need to support pro-gun groups. It is fairly easy to testify for or against State sponsored bills online. Please look into it.

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“The Left is coming, the Left is coming!”

HR1: For the people act: This bill needs to be stopped! Please look into it. It will ensure a one-party system. It’s not for the people, it’s for the far left!

HR5: Equality act of 2021: This bill needs to be stopped! Look into it!~ This bill is the biggest infringement on religious freedom in America ever!

HR8: Make no mistake, this is ONLY about setting up a process which can be later used for registration of guns and gun owners. Look into it!

HR1446: Unelected government bureaucrats would be allowed to delay a firearms purchase beyond the
current 3 days to anyone they wish and for any reason. Look into it!

The goal of the left is not to make us safer. The goal is to disarm us. Why? Because they know their policies will face heavy opposition, once implemented. And why the opposition? Because their policies will ultimately only benefit the ultra rich and powerful.

The disarming will be implemented little by little. One bill after another. But we can stop it. Make yourself heard! Don’t be intimidated or we will loose the first amendment too.