Oklahoma has beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

A little while ago we released the podcast episode #5, featuring Paul Hodgins. Paul is a professional stock maker of best guns and is located in Utah. He takes us through he’s journey from his youth in England, working at Holland & Holland’s, to moving to the US and setting up a workshop in Logan.

Episode #6 features Steven Dodd Hughes. Steven is very well known through his work as a stockmaker and gun builder, he’s numerous writings for several publications and for his books.

Steven really brought the human element into the conversation. His beautiful honesty portrays him as a complex and somewhat complicated person. And I think that is true for most gunmakers, in one form or another. He puts into words the internal conflicts and struggles most talented and intelligent people probably have. When a customer orders a custom rifle, he purchases the experience and the time of the person making it. Most likely, the client might not be aware of the human element that Steve brings to light.

Best Gunstock LLC

We welcome our first commercial advertiser to our podcast. Please check out www.bestgunstock.com

I’ve been a customer of theirs for years and I can highly recommend this company for your stock blank purchases. Mehrdad Fanousi, the owner of the company, is a real gentleman. He has great connections in Turkey. His business, however, is located in Texas. His inventory speaks for itself! You can reach him at 347 618-0018 or [email protected]

Tell him Reto sent you!

Current Projects:

As usual, there are several rifles in process and in different stages. Here are a couple of the guns in the works: Above are 2 pictures of a .220 Swift rifle. The action was made in Canada by Hagn. The stock is made from a 30-year-old California English stock blank. American styling with skeleton grip cap. I just finished the checkering, and it is ready for test shooting.

Light weight .375 H&H rifle made for a friend and customer in Alaska. It’s very similar styled to a 70’s built H&H rifle (in .300 H&H) that he owns and loves. Ready for test shooting. This rifle will spend many hours in a bush plane.

These 2 cal..275 Rigby rifles are currently out for engravings. No scopes on these. Very much alike, but the stocks have different length of pull. I had to mark every part pretty well so that I wouldn’t mix it up between the guns.

I’m planning to post more pictures of these guns once they are all finished, and I will elaborate further.