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Under assault

First Amendment

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Second Amendment

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

The Constitution of the United States of America. Not difficult to understand. Our zealous politicians are constantly exploiting any crisis to amass more power and infringe on the citizen’s rights. Our first and second amendments have never been under more assault than today. These politicians have taken an oath to uphold and abide by our Constitution. We are in a lot of trouble and are led by a morally corrupt leadership. The daily lies, misinformation, manipulation and directing of narratives is exhausting. Interesting how the focus is once again on the banning of guns. Those in charge just can’t stand the idea that an armed people are necessary to the security of a free State and are standing in the way of tyrannical forces. Nobody ever talks about all the lives being saved by armed citizens standing up against criminals. It’s over 2 million per year in the United States. The president just told us: “Nobody owned a cannon at the time the Constitution was ratified. So why should a citizen own an AR 15”. False! Privateers owned cannons. They were commonly used on merchant vessels. Wherever a thinking man turns he hears nonsense and stupidity. From the government, the Fed, the media, the WHO, the WEF and on and on. Do we ever have a crisis of the heart and soul! Let’s vote this fall like never before. We are the term limit.

Almost done

Most of the time I have two to four rifles in process, and in different stages. The rifle above and below is a 6.5×55. One of my all-time favorite calibers. The stock is influenced by pre-war Germanic styling and has a slight “schnabel” fore-end shape, round pistol grip and steel butt plate. The small square bridge action was made by GMA.

The following rifle is a .375 Weatherby Magnum. I just about finished the checkering of the stock. The fleur de lies pattern is a first for me. It’s not always a good thing for the pocketbook to try something new, but on the other hand, you got to keep your creative side alive. This type of checkering is really unique to the United States. And it gave me a whole new appreciation for craftsmen like James Tucker, who produce some incredible designs and ribbon patterns.

Both rifles are well along now. Time for the finishing of the metal.

The first finished rifle from the Oklahoma shop

Since January I’ve been pretty much working full time on guns again, after our move. Life has returned slowly to a routine, just the way I like it. Last week I shipped off the first bolt action rifle I completed in the Oklahoma shop. It is a .300 H&H rifle. This one has top and bottom extended tangs, and it is built around a Granite Mountain Arms action. The action is a magnum length small ring Mauser 98 type.

Another beautiful piece of Turkish walnut was used for the stock. Not in the pictures is a Leica scope that completes the package. Like the other .300 H&H rifles I’ve built, this one too is a tack driver. What a great caliber and paired with Nosler ammo it’s a winner.

.300 H&H stock in process.

Sunset at the shop

And the trusty shop dog.

A theory I have is that the surrounding landscape and environment impact the shapes and forms of hand created objects. I wonder how the new location will affect me as a craftsman. All the places I lived before, Switzerland, British Columbia, California, New Hampshire, Oregon and now Oklahoma have an impact. From sharp edges (Mountains) to smooth lines (Prairies).

.416 Taylor barreled Mauser action for sale/ Sold!

For sale by gunmaker Lee Helgeland: Barreled action, caliber .416 Taylor, $6900

Original Mauser 98 commercial single square bridge action, with what we believe is an early Blackburn magazine box, that holds 5 rounds, plus one in the chamber. The barrel has been machined with integral quarter rib, front sight ramp, recoil lug, and sling swivel stud. All has been very nicely done. We are not sure, but Rick Stickley probably machined the 24″ long barrel. The overall weight of the barreled action is 6lbs 8 oz. The only marking on the barrel is the number 99 which probably indicates the year it was made. The barreled action is feeding fine and ready to be stocked. Please contact Lee Helgeland for more info at 406-837-2041, or: [email protected]t

Update: This has been sold

Lisa Sorrell, boot maker

A little change of topic. Most of us that like high end guns have wider interests than just that. Art, craftsmanship of all kinds, objects of beauty and function, the beauty of nature, mechanical devices, those are things that spark so often our interests. As we are made in His image, we can’t help but admire creation.

My cousin in Guthrie had told me about a custom boot maker who is making high-end cowboy boots. I had the pleasure of hosting my dear friend, gunmaker Lee Helgeland, for a few days. I wanted to show him the neat town of Guthrie. Guthrie is such a time warp, and you feel like you are back in 1910 when you walk the town.

Lee in Guthrie, OK

We walked the town a little and walked right by the boot maker’s store. Spontaneously we decided to knock on the door and despite not having an appointment, Lisa Sorrell opened up her workshop graciously to us. It was a pleasure to meet her and to see all of the cool vintage leather sawing machines. Her shop is full of hand tools and equipment of old. It too reminded me of a bygone era. Lisa has a wealth of knowledge and experience and if you consider having a pair of real Oklahoma cowboy boots made, look her up. Her craftsmanship is impressive. Here are some samples of her work:

Title: “If We Make It Through December”
Title: “I Heard the Bluebird Sing”
Title: “If Heartaches Had Wings”

I like the names she gives to her creations. Very creative!

Lisa Sorrell
Sorrell Custom Boots
217 E. Oklahoma Ave.
Guthrie, OK 73044

The last rifle from the Oregon shop

Days before my move to Oklahoma I finished this .375 H&H rifle and sent it off to a very dear client. Basically, my model English Express with a GMA action and a Schmidt & Bender scope. The scope mount is my own design. It is a quick release system that releases the locking levers with a quarter turn. I really love this piece of Turkish walnut. The natural color is very pretty, and it has such a great 3D look to it. A wood dealer I know would refer to this as a “Reto blank”.
After working in the trade since 1988, I think I’m still evolving as a craftsman. I’m hoping to push and refine my abilities further in the new shop. A new environment offers new influences from a different landscape and a different culture. The desire to please the customer is what drives me and with each gun I try to offer the best work I can do. I truly hope that my clients are aware just how much I appreciate them and what a blessing it is to have a full order book.

I wish you all a happy, prosperous and blessed 2022!

7×57 Mannlicher rifle finished

In an earlier blog post, about a year ago, I showed pictures of the machining of a 7×57 octagon barrel. This rifle took some time, and the engravings held the rifle up for 12 months. But here it is, all finished. I believe this is the first bolt rifle I’ve built with a full length Mannlicher style stock. This really was a fun project. After all the work I was so relieved to get good accuracy. The cheap S&B ammo with soft points shoots fantastic.

My customer and I agreed, we both are more attracted to the typically longer barreled Mannlicher style rifles of old, over the more contemporary shorter barreled rifles. At an overall length of 22″, some may think the barrel too long.

Perhaps notably amongst the other custom touches is the front sling swivel. I made that and it is attached to a lug on the barrel. The Timney trigger was altered and received a vintage Mauser trigger shoe. The scope mount is a German swing mount, appropriate for a rifle like this.

New Address

Sunset in Oklahoma

We have moved!

We have moved from Oregon to Oklahoma! We will miss the Oregon scenery and our friends very much. But Medford has an increasing homeless and drug culture, and it does not seem to get any better. And as they did in the past years, I assume the Democrat majority in the State will further infringe on the gun laws. Also, I’ve been renting an industrial unit for the business for 17 years. We’ve wanted to move out of Medford for a while and purchase a house and with a free-standing shop building. After checking out some properties in ID and MT and much of research, we settled on Oklahoma. We have distant relatives here and appreciate to live in an area that has similar values and a State that is very much pro-gun. I will miss most my shop mate of 20 + plus years, James Tucker. I hope he decides to follow us to Oklahoma.

The new address is:

Buehler CSA

P.O. Box 413

Stillwater, OK 74076

The phone number is remaining the same, (541) 664 9109

Left hand .404 Jeffery rifle

I very recently sent out this rifle to a client. It’s a Buehler model English Express in the caliber .404 Jeffery. This rifle has extended top and bottom tangs. A quarter rib with 3 folding express sights and banded front sight ramp. A vintage Lyman peep sight was installed to the cocking piece. This peep sight can swivel down and be locked in place, in order to clear the scope.

The rifle stock was made from a vintage piece of French walnut. It has a beautiful natural color. The checkering is 22 lp” flat top. The metal was color-cased by Turnbull Restoration. I was pretty worried about possible warpage on the tangs, but they really did a great job and the metal dropped right back into the stock and did not require any adjustments. And yes, it is a shooter!

.505 Gibbs single shot rifle

I just sent off this rifle to a client. It is a large single shot rifle in the caliber .505 Gibbs. The action is a large Hagn, the largest made by Martin Hagn. I will write in an upcoming post more about this rifle, as it is rather unique. This is a big rifle and weighs around 12 pounds with the scope.

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